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The Road Less Traveled

When my Husband proposed to me in 2010, my creative juices immediately began to flow.  I wanted to begin the process of making sure that every element of our wedding spoke to who we were individually and collectively.  We both are truly creative people and one thing that we most definitely have in common is writing.  We both love to write!!  So, I came up with the bright idea of putting together a short book of poetry as our Favors to give to our guests at the wedding as a small token of our appreciation for everyone that shared that special day with us.  I immediately begin coming up with what I wanted the book cover to look like(I also have a Graphic Design Background).  I had my Best Friend’s husband to illustrate my idea(He is a great illustrator) because I had so much on my plate. So, the whole poem centered around the title of the book and the book cover.  The poem came to me a few years back while sleeping.  (Usually where most of my poems hit me) I fell in love with the same title many years ago by Robert Frost entitled “The Road Not Taken” and just created my very own interpretation of that poem.  My husband also wrote his version which I will include as well.  He can be followed at dliteraryprescription.wordpress.com.  Enjoy!!


The Road Less Traveled

From the start we were a sea of blended colors

Beautifully matched and patiently waiting to be discovered

Pulled together by an unforseen force

So many times the patterns became the forbidden curse

Before me stood two roads ready to be traveled

To the left was a road so ragged and unraveled

To the right was a road so smooth and ever so bright

And from there brewed a storm that lingered from what was wrong

until I realized what was obviously right

It was then that HE showed me I no longer had to fight

HE whispered so gently, “This is where you belong

Hold your head up high and continue to be strong

For I told you that I will never leave you nor forsake you or will I ever steer you wrong”

Though it had been an uphill battle

You have shown me a love so genuine that the past just didn’t matter

I thank God everyday for sending you my way

You not only helped save me, but you showed me what it feels like to finally be free

I have fully let go of my past

I now only look toward the future at last

I love you from the depths of my heart and soul

And from this birthed a story that will forever be told!

By: Shira Williams


The Road Less Traveled

I’m taking the road less traveled and even with taking that path

I’m so glad that I have you

On the other path was destruction, a traffic jam_feet to feet

Sometimes we go to war, it’s all good because at least we speak our peace

One thing I know about relationships is that communication is key

 I’m talking about-face to face, not Facebook posts or twitter tweets

We don’t keep up with the Jones or do what’s hot in the streets

No lip service, all action starts with your feet

We’re held accountable for every deed or word we speak

 Celibacy and respect for God is how we both reached our peak

 Many take the busy street and follow the world

Us, we took the back road on the way to raising our boy or girl

By: Terry Williams

***At the last-minute we decided not to give out the books as favors, instead we gave out cupcakes that we had made from Atlanta Cupcake Factory(we did a cupcake tower instead of a traditional cake).  Look out for our book of poetry soon!!***