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Write the Vision……

What is your Vision for your Life?


I want you to write a list of all the things you want to accomplish. 

Start your paper with the following:

With the Grace of God,

I will………

My first few examples of what is on my paper is:

With the Grace of God,

~I will put God first.

~I will love myself.

~I will love my family.

~I will keep my finances in order.

~I will keep a saving pattern.

I did this probably about 6 years ago and I just ran across it yesterday. I can check off a lot things on my list because some of the things I have accomplished. I plan to revise my list and continue checking things off. There is nothing that can stop us from getting to where we want to be, but ourselves. God plant dreams and visions in us for a reason and with him we can accomplish so much. 


Friday Morning  I was listening to Steve Harvey on the radio and he said something that was so true. He said “We are the results of the decisions we make!” Now, isn’t that the truth?


He also said how it is important to create goals and complete them. And do you know the greatest way to do that? Create a things-to-do list. You have to have a plan. “If you fail to plan you plan to fail.” It’s funny because I can honestly raise my hand and say, I am the “things to do list” queen. I can’t even function without a things-to-do list. I am a very visual person so I have to see it and if it is written in my own handwriting, then I can apply it and commit to it much quicker. Crazy, but very truthful. I am so involved with writing lists that before I can begin work at work, I must have a list of things I need to do. See……..


I had a few co workers to actually find it amusing, but that is how serious it is for me.  Plus, it holds me accountable and I can never say I forgot if I wrote it down.  And here’s a really good one……I can’t even go into the grocery store without a grocery list. Beside the fact that you spend way more if you don’t have a list, it also helps me stay focused and in and out the store instead of lingering from aisle to aisle. Another list I like to create is a list of things I need to do around the house as well as personal things that need to get done.  For example, for my around the house list I will literally write down everything that need to be cleaned such as the bathroom or the kitchen, living room, etc.  I will even go as far as writing down timeframes.  This might seem like a bit much, but for me it works and has been working for years. 

Once I have updated my list, I plan to stick it back in my bible.  That is my safe keeping.  The holding place where I like to stick certain things is Habakkuk 2:2-3.



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“My 5 Biggest Pet Peeves”

My husband picks on me all the time about my long list of pet peeves.  My list is so very high because honestly a lot of things irk me…..quickly!!  NO, it seriously doesn’t take much to get under my skin and to freak me out.  Maybe I should go to a Pet Peeves Anonymous.  As I stand and raise my hand…..”Hi, My name is Shira and I have a problem!”  Lol!  On a serious note, I do have a Looooong laundry list of Pet Peeves and although I won’t list them all here, I will give you a glimpse of my 5 biggest Pet Peeves.  Enjoy!!

1.  People that don’t cover their Mouths

Dear sickly people,

It really bothers me when people sneeze/cough and do not cover their mouths.  No one wants your nasty germs.  After watching the movie “Contagion” it drove me into an even worst germaphobe than what I had already been.  Please people…….respect other people and their need/want into not wanting your nasty germs.  All I want is to avoid colds because they are the worst especially in the summer!


A Severe Germaphobe

2.  People that don’t wash their Hands

Ewwwww…especially those that don’t do it when they come out of the rest room!!  I use to only think that men are horrible at this, but in the last 5+ years, I have witnessed so many women doing this as well.  News flash people, NO ONE WANTS YOUR NASTY PRIVATE JUICE EVERYWHERE!

3.  Slow Drivers

Ok, I must admit that I have/had horrible road rage.  I promise you I have gotten better over the years(Pinky Swear at that)!    But, gosh it really works my nerves when people drive entirely tooooo slow!  Okay, okay….call it impatient, but seriously some of the reasons is just ridiculous!  One of the craziest I see a lot is if a cop has someone pulled over.  WHY are YOU slowing down if YOU are going the speed limit anyhow!  Oh and the biggest one….when there is a wreck!!  AGHHH….stop the rubber necking please and keep it moving!  Excuse me while I bring my blood pressure back down because just the thought of it makes me boil!!

4.  A Dirty Tub

I won’t spend too much on this one because not only does it makes my skin crawl, but no one wants to feel that ickiness on their feet if they are taking a shower and if I can’t take a bath because the tub is always dirty, then “HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM”!

5.  When Men don’t hold doors

I promise I am not trying to ruffle any feathers with this one, but there is nothing worst than to witness a man either not hold a door for a woman and even worse, to witness that man walk in before a lady does.  Ok, we get it…..Chivalry is dead, but somethings are just out right not okay.  I actually saw a post on Facebook that one of my friends posted about this very topic and can you believe that the excuse that one man gave was that women don’t hold the door open for men.  Wow….ok, yeah we are Miss Independent in this new era, but come on….JUST HOLD THE DOOR IS ALL WE ASK!

***Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect anyone in particular.***

P.S.  My Husband threw one in and said that my Biggest Pet Peeve is People that just Breath….lol!!  Clearly everything gets on my nerves!  🙂