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Finding Happiness

What is this feeling that is building in the pit of my stomach?

Not quite butterflies

Nor is it a case of nerves

Not that feeling of anxiousness

But more like anticipation

I feel like singing

Though I can’t carry a tune

I feel like dancing

Boy do I have rhythm

Wait….is that the faint sound of drums?

Slow and steady, the distinct sound of a beat….Wow it moves me!

What is this feeling that makes me want to smile?

It’s almost as if I have a secret and I’m the only one who knows

I feel like laughing

Quietly at first and then I hold my head back

Boisterous and Loud

What is this feeling that is stirring inside of me?

I can’t quite put my finger to it, but it sure feels good!

Alas, HAPPINESS has found me!