About Lovebug

“I’ve Seen It, Done It, Ran It, Run It.  Been To The Bottom Then I Came Back From It.  That’ll Be The Pain In The Pit Of My Stomach.  I Don’t Regret A Thing, I Just Keep It 100.  I Been The Drama And The Bad News, I Been The Struggle And The Damn Blues, and Shed Tears Over Silliness.  I Seen Alot But you Know What, It’s As Real As It Really Gets” ~I’m a Star by Chrisette Michele

I am an open book and finally for the first time in my life I don’t mind being transparent.  Let’s go…….

6 thoughts on “About Lovebug

  1. CONGRATULATIONS Lovebug!!! You were just nominated as a Health Demystified MVP, and recently inducted into the ultra-exclusive, hard-to-get-into, super-cool Health Demystified MVP Club.

    This award is bestowed upon only the most ardent supporters and leaders of the Health Demystified community, and it signifies that you are a significant contributor to the healing of humanity, and that you are an inspiring and radiant person that will leave a major mark on the human race forever.

    Thank you and congratulations,



    1. Thank you Eric!!!! I truly enjoy everything you post! It’s always enlightening, informative, and so entertaining. You have a great gift and I love that you are using it! Continue to do what you are doing!!


  2. Lovebug, I’m a new follower. I found your blog from a comment that you posted on Adam’s ‘It’s your world, I’m just living in it’ blog. I love your blog! It’s so cute and I love reading what you write. Very inspirational! I’d appreciate if you’d check out my blog. Thanks so much LB! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much!!!! I had something completely in mind when I first started out on this blogging journey and it has gone in a completely different direction, but I love it!! I can’t wait to check out yours!! 🙂


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