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Things that go Bump in the Night

When the world is still and night fall rises

imagesCAUS8HJVThe shadows emerge with no hidden disguises

They swarm around looking for a place to rest


A place to dig deep into our souls and minds

Looking for a gateway to cause trouble and pain

Causing mounds of confusion and disorder

So much that it could cause you to go insane

Your path to righteousness easily could become rough, rugged, and uneven

And when the journey is not an easy task

They begin to show their faceimagesCAHO6XBU

They grow so tall so that you fear them more than ever

They even go as far as speaking and trying to place claim on your life

They take joy in your fear, it allows them to grow

But as quickly as they arrived, they were diminished


Because this time, a sudden wave of peace becomes engulfing

HE stepped right in and said, “I am with you always, don’t be in fear”

And just as quickly as it begin, it all came to an end

Why wait....tell me your thoughts!!

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