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God Winks


There is no better feeling than to be able to identify when God has winked at you! Winked? Yes, God does wink at you. Have you ever been praying on a situation or asking God for a sign on a situation and you “randomly” have a conversation with a stranger or you stumble across something in a book, the Bible, a TV show, or anything out of the ordinary and all of sudden you have an “ah ha” moment?! When that happens to me, I call it a God wink! Not too short of a comfirmation or even an affirmation!

Squire Rushnell wrote a whole book dedicated to God winks entitled “When God Winks at you”! It changed my life and gave me insight on just how powerful God is and how HE truly shows us exactly who HE is! It’s compiled of different stories about how God speaks directly to us. It truly has some amazing stories from real people and things they have encountered.


I just love when I receive a God Wink! It gives me that warm fuzzy feeling and it’s like I am soaring high on cloud 10,000! 🙂 For example, I had 3 different customers on my job this past week engage in conversations ironically dealing with somethings that had been bothering me for awhile and I had been praying about. You could call it random or even a coincidence, but after talking with each person, the more I got the bigger message from God. I received my God wink and I felt at ease.

The more I have built my relationship with God the easier it has become to identify things and to better understand life. Life has taken on a different meaning and has become much more enjoyable. I understand things through a different set of eyes. Living out His words is when you truly began to live! So, I challenge you to open your eyes, your ears, and your heart to receive Him.

What has been some of your recognizable “God Winks”?


6 thoughts on “God Winks

  1. There are far too many to mention, but that warm fuzzy feeling inside that you mentioned, brings an uncontrollable smile to my face. An all I can say is, THANK YOU LORD!!! Sometimes people look at me like I’m crazy or my daughter or someone will ask “what you smiling for” an I’ll say nothing but I’m thankful for God sharing a moment at that time with me. It truly is a special feeling.

  2. HAHAHAAAAAA!!! You KNOW I love this one, girl!! 🙂 LOVE that you’re still writing…I’ve missed you!!! The more we are aware of God working…the more we see…and the more credit we give Him, the more He’ll open our eyes. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

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