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Day 14 #photoadayMay…Grass, a Rainbow and the Silver Lining

I missed yesterdays “Photo A Day May” because it was so rainy and I didn’t want to take a gloomy picture of Day 14 “Grass”! So, I decided to wait until today since it is nice and pretty out. I was just reading butterflyofhappiness’ blog that I stumbled across today thanks to reading one of my favorite bloggers blog today(Eric at healthdemystified). The first thing that I see when I clicked on her blog is a picture of a Rainbow and I LOVE rainbows!! Rainbows remind us of God’s Promise…..Genesis 9:11-17. (Please check out her awesome post for today!!)

Yesterday was a trying day for me. I fell into a “I just want to curl up into my own cocoon and shut the world out” day! No motivation what so ever. I had decided at the end of last week that I would take a week off of blogging and just focus on trying to write my book that I have been working on and how do I start the week?!! In a funk of a mood. Maybe because the weather was so gloomy and my mood matched it, but I just wanted to stay in my room and I literally did not resurface until the lack there of sun went down. And then I was beating myself up for not sticking to the plan of working on my book. Let’s just say nothing got done yesterday.

Low and behold today…the sun is out and there is not a trace of rain and I was able to take my pic!! And in that pic there is a tiny yellow flower that caught my eye. That put a knowing smile on my face!! Just as I was composing this, I was thinking about the silver lining of it all….it’s okay to began again. We are blessed to see another day. It’s another chance to be all that we can be and continue to do exactly what we were placed here to do!! 🙂 Happy Tuesday!!

3 thoughts on “Day 14 #photoadayMay…Grass, a Rainbow and the Silver Lining

    1. I’ve been in a not so good space for the past 2 days and yesterday, I went on your page looking for a “God Wink”! I think I have made you my own personal pick me upper!! Lol! But, today is a better day. I receive devotional readings just as you mentioned in one of your posts and the topic is “Hearing from God each Day”. The scripture reading was John 14:16. Sometimes when things are not where we would like them to be, we tend to retreat in a cocoon….at I least I do. I just have to remember to keep the Faith. But, from this I shall create a post…! Send me your email address to Thanks for being the awesome person that you are!! I know you have touched so many lives just for being so awesome because you have touched mine! I talk to my husband about you all the time!! Love you!!

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