Hey all You Bloggers…Here’s to your Awesomeness!!

I began this blogging journey a little over 2 months ago and as I was telling a few other bloggers, what I had in mind to do with my blog is completely different from what it has turned into. Not a bad thing at all…I just let it flow and here are the results. I like to think that what I post is just all these random thoughts that come across my mind. I decided to be transparent, which was a big step for me because I am such a strong person and I am use to being the one that has to stay strong for others and be that shoulder, that helping hand, the one to wipe someone else tears, and the one to say “It’s okay…it’s going to be alright.” But, the moment I decide that sometimes I need those very things and it’s not a sign of weakness to say, “Hey, I need exactly what I give!”…..life took on a new meaning. Thus, the birth of Lovebugsworld! 😉

With that being said, along this blogging journey, I have met some awesome bloggers and it still amazes me with all the wonderful things I read and come across. It just shows you how we’re all unified in a sense where we share that common thing….blogging, but yet are minds all are unique. Hence the topics we choose to share with the world and I love it!! And even though a lot of us are not being compensated monetarily, we are truly doing what we love!! We have discovered things about ourselves that we probably didn’t realize was there and if we did know, we have increased those things.

Blogging is so serious because we are checking emails in our sleep, approving comments and responding at the crack of dawn, we are thinking of things to write at the start of the day, in the middle of day and or night, and the list goes on. I am guilty and I dare not believe I am the only one…lol!! Blogging is a full-time job. Hey, it’s a job I actually don’t mind giving all my time to. 😉

Thank you to the following Bloggers…you guys/gals rock!!!

dliteraryprescription.wordpress.com (my awesome husband)

wisdomistheprinciplething.wordpress.com (my awesome bestie)




livinginyourworld.com(my fav Top 5 Friday guy ;-))




ispygod.net(my inspiration dosage)


thefoolishtruth.com(my laugh factory)




And here’s to the new blogs I have found over the last day or so….

peasandcougars.com(A sure laugh and awesome animation)

eyelaugh.wordpress.com(Another awesomely animated blog)


Here’s to our Love of Blogging!!!

~Lovebug 🙂


9 thoughts on “Hey all You Bloggers…Here’s to your Awesomeness!!

  1. Que says:

    Speechless:)… and that’s a rare occurrence. One moment I was agreeing with what you said it was like you had been reading my mind I was just saying how serious blogging is, how obsessive I’ve become of it. Last thing I do before I go to sleep, first thing I do whenever my eyes open. Then I’m going over your list of S/O’s I was shocked to see my site. How thoughtful and TY very much. I raise my glass (of water) to Bloggers, sorry it’s too early for anything else:)

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