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woMAN in the Mirror

You will be amazed at some of the things that come across your mind when you are cleaning up. Because I am a music freak-o-zoid, I must have music in the background whether it is cooking, studying, taking a shower, doing my hair, and definitely while I am cleaning! So while I was making my playlist on Rhapsody, I decided I wanted to be on a “Jackson” kick. I compiled a list of Janet and Michael Jackson songs to accompany me on my cleaning. One of the songs that I added to my playlist is “Man in the Mirror” and as I busied myself, I sang, I danced, and I cleaned. Mid way in my cleaning, the song came on. Immediately I stopped and let the words and music resonate my mind and my spirit. Immediately I lapsed into a memory back when I was younger. I remember when the “Bad” album came out. My late Grandfather was a music fanatic as well and he would play this album over and over. I can remember on a trip to Maryland and MJ being the entertainment the whole trip! Well, this is when I fell in love with “Man in the Mirror” and although at that age I didn’t understand fully what it meant, I knew there was a message behind it. I can even remember when MJ performed this very song live at the “Grammy’s” in 1988.  I was only 7 years old, but I still remember it.  With a chorus in the background coupled with the words and how intense the performance was gave me a sense at the age of 7 that this was a serious message.  Now as an adult, I still get that same feeling.  The only difference is that I understand and get the message.  So, today when that song came on….I was overwhelmed with emotion.  I believe it has a lot to do with the onset of change.  When change is on its way in my life…I feel it.  Crazy, huh?  But, it’s true.  Somehow I feel when change is getting ready to set in and because I embrace change….I meet it head on.  Change to me is always for the betterment.  Change is inevitable and why not meet it at the front door.  I welcome change because I know that change has to take place in order to renew my spirit.  You can’t stay put, everything is a revolutionary circle!!


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In the Stillness of the Morning

I love that time in the morning where the birds first start chirping and the sun is just starting to peek out.  It is so peaceful, quiet, and serene.  The world is still and almost everyone except myself are sleeping peacefully while the outside world is waking up.  I love the calmness and stillness of the morning.  There is not a care in the world and for a second, I can get lost in it.  Happy Saturday!!!