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Open Your Eyes

I know we tend to use the term “everything happens for a reason” so loosely, but I think the average person doesn’t really take the time to fully understand the reason or can even identify what the reason really is.

In every situation whether it is good or bad, I always try to figure out what role I played in it, what I did right, wrong, or what I could have done better. Some people call it anal, I call it being thorough so that I can not make the same mistake twice. If it was something good, I want to figure out how to be even better the next time.

In life we go through things to learn from it. If we never experienced anything how can we grow?! The decisions we make in life determine how our life exists. We have a right to every decision we make, but the consequences are far from our reach. We don’t control it…God does! We have to make better decisions and to do that, it first starts with building a better relationship with God.

Before we make decisions, we should be consulting with God. I don’t mean telling him what you are going to do, but asking to see if it aligns with what he has planned for us.

If you find yourself in the same situations over and over again then it’s time to try something different. Change is inevitable, but can be so beneficial. It can be the next best thing in your spiritual growth.

What are you going to differently? What works for you?


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“Go Get It”

Every Thursday I am tuned in to Mary Mary’s reality show!!  I love how they show us that even if you are walking that path with God, it doesn’t have to be so uptight and that you are just as real as the next person.  Problems don’t skip you and the enemy still tries to be a busy body.  They have a new single out and the words are awesome!!  This is a great song to give you that extra push!  Check it out and the video….

“Go Get It”

[Verse 1:]
It’s like you’re looking through a telescope you see where you gone be
Growing getting better you’re not the person they see
Can’t be mad at the things you been through cuz they built yo muscle
Now you’re stronger than you’ve ever been they can’t stop yo hustleYo Faith ain’t never small that’s what brought you this far
See you got your dreams and you got your prayers and you got Yo God he gone take you there
See everybody has a season and I believe this one’s yours
Cuz you been workin, waitin, this what you been prayin for[Chorus:]
Go get it, Go Get it, Go get it, Go get it, Go get it
Go get yo blessing
Go get it, Go get it, Go get it, Go get it, Go get it, Go get it
It’s yo time, it’s yo time, it’s yo time, it’s yo time[Verse 2:]
You were made to live a good life and that’s what I believe
So hit the floor say a prayer start working you got to do something
It’s alright to crawl before you walk it’s alright to walk before you run
But if you wanna get what you never got gotta do something that you never done

[Repeat Chorus]

You’ve been qualified
But his mercy multiplied
You cannot be denied
Cuz you’re finally certified
It’s official
Go ahead and testify
He’s gone bless you
You gone bless him
Now God be glorified

[Repeat Chorus 2x’s]

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Life Rhythms

This past week or so has been a very trying time for me.  I was just feeling like life is just like a roller coaster…the tracks are built for your cart to go up and down and when you are on the ride while it is down, you anticipate the going up!  It has to go up and as slow as it may take it to go up, you know it is going to go up.  These very words I had to give to a blogger friend today, but as I was typing it for them I realized I needed it for myself as well!  Life is just funny like that.  We go through all of these life rhythms and even though you feel like you might be off beat, there is always that point when you eventually have rhythm.  It’s at these times where your faith has to be in tact.  I was reading one of my favorite blogs ispygod today and she gave me that boost I needed to get back on track.  As I was reading her post, all I could think about was Matthew 17:20….having Faith as small as a Mustard Seed.

  Keeping the Faith, Believing, Prayer and Knowing that we can increase any and all areas of our lives with just that simple formula.  Prior to writing this post, I decided to reread one of my many journals.  I would be lost without a journal….a pen/pencil and paper is like my therapeutic realm.  I collect journals not only because I love to write, but because I have to write; my thoughts, feelings, conversations with God, songs, poems, short stories, things to do lists(that’s another post within itself)😉 or just to doodle is just how serious it is for me to have a journal handy at all times.  As I was reading one of my journals, I came across a Journal Entry dated October 18, 2009:

Dear God,

These days my mind has been so full!  There is just so much that is swarming around in my head and it is not any bad things.  Today as I was getting my brakes done, the guy that was fixing them said to me, “I don’t hear any music, but you are surely rocking back and forth and that tells me that you are a happy person!”  That made me feel extra good and put an even bigger smile on my face.  I am happy, happier than I have ever been in a long time.  I feel so at peace.  It almost feels like I have this big secret that only you and I know about.  I just want to scream and shout and just get my praise on and tell everyone I come across just how awesome you are.  I was so upset that I couldn’t go to church today, but unfortunately my brakes gave out as I was pulling out of the driveway.  So, I know there is a reason for that protection.  Lord please continue to guide me and help me to make sound decisions spiritually, mentally, financially, and even physically.  I thank you for your grace and mercy and patience.  I thank you for all the blessings that you have blessed me with and will bless me with.  All I ask is to be blessed to be a blessing to others.  Thank you for all of my family, loved ones, and friends!  I love you!

In Jesus Name,


So, you see Life is full of rhythm and even when we get off beat, we can always find our way back and get right back in tune with the beat!!  Reading my journal entry from 2 years ago really made me smile because it is so me to always rock back and forth because there is always music in my head.  I truly fit the phrase, “Dancing to the beat of my own Drum.”  It’s almost as if I am having a special dance with God because he is my leading man!! 😉

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Day 14 #photoadayMay…Grass, a Rainbow and the Silver Lining

I missed yesterdays “Photo A Day May” because it was so rainy and I didn’t want to take a gloomy picture of Day 14 “Grass”! So, I decided to wait until today since it is nice and pretty out. I was just reading butterflyofhappiness’ blog that I stumbled across today thanks to reading one of my favorite bloggers blog today(Eric at healthdemystified). The first thing that I see when I clicked on her blog is a picture of a Rainbow and I LOVE rainbows!! Rainbows remind us of God’s Promise…..Genesis 9:11-17. (Please check out her awesome post for today!!)

Yesterday was a trying day for me. I fell into a “I just want to curl up into my own cocoon and shut the world out” day! No motivation what so ever. I had decided at the end of last week that I would take a week off of blogging and just focus on trying to write my book that I have been working on and how do I start the week?!! In a funk of a mood. Maybe because the weather was so gloomy and my mood matched it, but I just wanted to stay in my room and I literally did not resurface until the lack there of sun went down. And then I was beating myself up for not sticking to the plan of working on my book. Let’s just say nothing got done yesterday.

Low and behold today…the sun is out and there is not a trace of rain and I was able to take my pic!! And in that pic there is a tiny yellow flower that caught my eye. That put a knowing smile on my face!! Just as I was composing this, I was thinking about the silver lining of it all….it’s okay to began again. We are blessed to see another day. It’s another chance to be all that we can be and continue to do exactly what we were placed here to do!!🙂 Happy Tuesday!!

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A Mother’s Love

A child’s first love to me will always be their Mother. In my case, it would be my Grammy and my Mom. Mom and/or Grandmothers will always be that go to person in life and as long as they are here on this earth…cherish them for all that they have done, do, and will continue to do. Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mom’s out there!!! The world just wouldn’t be complete without Mothers and Grandmothers!!

“The sweetest sounds to mortals given
Are heard in Mother, Home, and Heaven.”
~William Goldsmith Brown


Here is a picture of my mom and I at my wedding(left) and a picture of my grammy and I doing a special dance at my wedding to honor my late grandfather(right)



And I dare not forget….Sisters are even special as well!! I want to send an extra special Happy Mother’s Day to my Phenomenal Sister!! She rocks like no other sister….at least in my world!! I can always count on her to be right by my side. As you can see in the picture below!! Plus, she gave me an awesome nephew as well!!😉


My Sister and I at my wedding!!

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Hey all You Bloggers…Here’s to your Awesomeness!!

I began this blogging journey a little over 2 months ago and as I was telling a few other bloggers, what I had in mind to do with my blog is completely different from what it has turned into. Not a bad thing at all…I just let it flow and here are the results. I like to think that what I post is just all these random thoughts that come across my mind. I decided to be transparent, which was a big step for me because I am such a strong person and I am use to being the one that has to stay strong for others and be that shoulder, that helping hand, the one to wipe someone else tears, and the one to say “It’s okay…it’s going to be alright.” But, the moment I decide that sometimes I need those very things and it’s not a sign of weakness to say, “Hey, I need exactly what I give!”… took on a new meaning. Thus, the birth of Lovebugsworld! 😉

With that being said, along this blogging journey, I have met some awesome bloggers and it still amazes me with all the wonderful things I read and come across. It just shows you how we’re all unified in a sense where we share that common thing….blogging, but yet are minds all are unique. Hence the topics we choose to share with the world and I love it!! And even though a lot of us are not being compensated monetarily, we are truly doing what we love!! We have discovered things about ourselves that we probably didn’t realize was there and if we did know, we have increased those things.

Blogging is so serious because we are checking emails in our sleep, approving comments and responding at the crack of dawn, we are thinking of things to write at the start of the day, in the middle of day and or night, and the list goes on. I am guilty and I dare not believe I am the only one…lol!! Blogging is a full-time job. Hey, it’s a job I actually don’t mind giving all my time to. 😉

Thank you to the following Bloggers…you guys/gals rock!!! (my awesome husband) (my awesome bestie)!!!!)!!) fav Top 5 Friday guy ;-)) inspiration dosage) laugh factory)

And here’s to the new blogs I have found over the last day or so…. sure laugh and awesome animation) awesomely animated blog)

Here’s to our Love of Blogging!!!


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Day 7 #photoadayMay

Day 7 is someone who inspires you.

This one is a slight cheat, my Grammy is not here with me in South Carolina….she is in Atlanta, but she inspires me!!  Grandmothers are gifts from God and I love my Grammy!!!  This pic was taken at my Wedding last year!

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May PhotoADay

So, I always wanted to join these photo a day contests, but somehow I am always too busy and I miss it, but since I have a full month of time on my hand, I will try to commit to completing it.  Now, I am 5 days already too late, but that’s ok!  Besides my love of graphics, education, and writing, and now blogging…I also have a love for the camera.  At least being the one in the pics….lol!!  My husband likes to poke fun at my camera face or as I like to say, “smizing”(smiling with your eyes)  I learned that from my favorite show America’s Next Top Model.  Thanks Tyra!  By the way….I think I have pretty eyes anyhow. 🙂 Image

The Rules are simple:

Are you ready for a month of photo-taking fun? I am and hope you are too! The hashtag for May is #photoadayMay

For those stumbling across this for the first time, this is a photo a day challenge. Each day you look at the list and there will be a prompt that corresponds with the date of the month. For example day one is peace, so for day one you’ll take a photo of something around the peace {a peace sign, something that’s peaceful in your life, you doing a peace sign with your hands etc}. You then share the photo on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, your blog, Pinterest, Flickr or where ever you want to share it.

It’s a fun way to be creative every day and it’s so much to be part of. Anyone can play {even if you haven’t played before}.

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woMAN in the Mirror

You will be amazed at some of the things that come across your mind when you are cleaning up. Because I am a music freak-o-zoid, I must have music in the background whether it is cooking, studying, taking a shower, doing my hair, and definitely while I am cleaning! So while I was making my playlist on Rhapsody, I decided I wanted to be on a “Jackson” kick. I compiled a list of Janet and Michael Jackson songs to accompany me on my cleaning. One of the songs that I added to my playlist is “Man in the Mirror” and as I busied myself, I sang, I danced, and I cleaned. Mid way in my cleaning, the song came on. Immediately I stopped and let the words and music resonate my mind and my spirit. Immediately I lapsed into a memory back when I was younger. I remember when the “Bad” album came out. My late Grandfather was a music fanatic as well and he would play this album over and over. I can remember on a trip to Maryland and MJ being the entertainment the whole trip! Well, this is when I fell in love with “Man in the Mirror” and although at that age I didn’t understand fully what it meant, I knew there was a message behind it. I can even remember when MJ performed this very song live at the “Grammy’s” in 1988.  I was only 7 years old, but I still remember it.  With a chorus in the background coupled with the words and how intense the performance was gave me a sense at the age of 7 that this was a serious message.  Now as an adult, I still get that same feeling.  The only difference is that I understand and get the message.  So, today when that song came on….I was overwhelmed with emotion.  I believe it has a lot to do with the onset of change.  When change is on its way in my life…I feel it.  Crazy, huh?  But, it’s true.  Somehow I feel when change is getting ready to set in and because I embrace change….I meet it head on.  Change to me is always for the betterment.  Change is inevitable and why not meet it at the front door.  I welcome change because I know that change has to take place in order to renew my spirit.  You can’t stay put, everything is a revolutionary circle!!