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On a Quest to Find Success

My idea of success is achieving my sought out dreams.  Walt Disney said it is best, “If you Dream it then you can Achieve it.”  What are some of my dreams?  I want to publish books….three of which I have already began or at least have laid the blueprints.  I want to be able to own a Publishing Company along with my husband (Yes, he writes as well)  I want to one day open up a Performing Arts School that is filled with Creative Writing, Graphic Design, Animation, Fashion, Photography, Culinary Arts, Interior Decorating, Dance, Music, etc.  I want to be able to give a child a chance to tap into their talents earlier on so that they find their talents sooner rather than later….why wait until you go to college?  They can earn credits early.  Are these dreams or goals hard to achieve….NO!!  Success starts off as a dream or a personal short-term or long-term goal and how you arrive at it, starts with You!  Our attitudes are just as important as our ability to get things done.  So, excuse me while I continue on my Journey toward my Quest for Success……

Have you began your Quest?

9 thoughts on “On a Quest to Find Success

  1. I LOVE THIS!! I often ask the kids God has placed in my life (including my own) what they want to be. What their passion is… because quite frankly, when we finally realize what our passion is older in life, and decide to chase it… we realize it had been there alll along…even when we were young!! So you’re right… WHY WAIT?!!! 🙂 AWESOME!!! Love your heart, girl!!

    1. Thank you Nicole!! You are so right!!! The things I was good at, I was doing all along. It took me a minute to get it and if I can help someone get there earlier, then I have fulfilled my purpose to help. 🙂

    2. “because quite frankly, when we finally realize what our passion is older in life, and decide to chase it… we realize it had been there alll along…even when we were young!!”

      Yes Nicole! I so agree! Thank you for those words!

      It was a few weeks ago that it took me looking back at my old high school papers to see that “A” and my teacher’s positive comment on a special paper I wrote; to realize that I actually do have a love for writing that came naturally to me but did not realize that I could of continued such a talent in college. A talent I kind of took for granted because it came as natural as walking. Walking without thinking about the fact that you are actually walking…that’s how natural it was.

      Your purpose is always something that comes natural to you. Additionally it is not something that has to be measured as part of the status quo! Realizing that; has freed me from trying to fit in and find a way to make a lot of money to showcase the best car or the best house or the best lifestyle but to step outside the box and find a profession that is more rewarding then obtaining materialistic success!

      Thank you Nicole and Lovebugsworld for the ***ahamoment*** ❤

      1. Don’t you just love those Aha moments?!!! 🙂 A lot of things are right that at the core and we don’t realize it until some time. When I graduated from high school, you couldn’t tell me that I wasn’t going to be a Psychologist and I went to college with that intent and I hated it. I wasted time. As soon as I enrolled into Art school and started on my journey to Graphic Design, I can remember my Grandfather telling me that he didn’t understand why I didn’t do it all along because he could remember me as a child always drawing and being so artsy.

      2. It’s simply amazing lovebugsworld. It’s a lesson we now must teach our children. To stay attentive to what they already love to do instead of choose a major that society says is best to do.

        We only have one life to live and we all deserve to enjoy what we do for a living. NOT Settle!

        ~ Thank you again ladies! ~

  2. Yes I have begun my request 🙂 I am always excited to read of others who have found their purpose. It only inspires and encourages me to continue on my journey. ~~So I appreciate you sharing yours.~~

    Have you heard about writing down 9 lives to help find and/or enhance your purpose.
    Before the article I already had my eyes on where I wanted to go and after the article I have a more crystal clear vision once I pictured myself having 9 lives. I hope you have the time to visit and give it a try. ~Thank you for your post ~

    1. Thank you so much for that link….I am going to get on that ASAP!! The hardest thing is trying to figure out your purpose and carry it out. But, now that I know…..there is no stopping me! 😉

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