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What’s Your Motivation?

What’s your Motivation? Are you a “Go Getter” or do you have to be pushed to get things done? Do you just sit on ideas or do you push those ideas to fruition? I am always amazed at people who are so talented, but lay wayside to their talent. I am guilty as the next to not exhausting all the great gifts that I possess, but one thing that I do not do is GIVE UP! Even though I have placed Graphic Designing to the back burner, I am still a Graphic Designer, so instead of not doing what I love, I have and will always do something in regards to Graphic Design. Hence why I am always doing projects for clients or myself. My plan now is to push the envelope and continue to do more to expand all of my ideas and dreams to be bigger and better. I truly believe that if you want something out of life it does take hard work and just thinking about it is just not going to get it. We have to move and I mean move NOW!

The problem that I do see with so many people is the rhymes, the reasons, the have, the have not, and dare I say…….EXCUSES! Yes people….call it what you want, it is an excuse. Webster describes an Excuse as ex·cuse/ikˈskyo͞oz/A reason or explanation put forward to defend or justify a fault or offense. Now, if using other words to justify what it actually is makes you feel better, then by all means….do you!! But, at the end of the day….”It is, What it is.”

Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth, are trust fund kids, and/or have the last names that speaks volume to the long money that comes along with it. But, just because you weren’t born that way, does not mean you can’t have it. It’s all in what you do. If you settle for less you don’t reap all the benefits, but if you put in hard work, then greatness shall follow!

Let’s stop procrastinating because procrastination is only confusion for the mind. We have to be ready for any given moment and if we have all of our ducks in a row….we are ready and able to show up and show out. You never know who is watching and who can offer you that chance to shine. So, let’s get to planting some seeds and reaping the benefits of some hard work and dedication!

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Motivation?

  1. Timely words! Just gave me the jolt of motivation I needed to get going. Good stuff, keep up the great content on here…love the urgency in your voice

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