“When Forgiveness is not an Option”

Last Sunday was Easter Sunday and my husband and I went to visit his parents and his home church.  The message for the day was “When Forgiveness is not an Option.”  I found that to be so ironic and appropriately fitting.  I came in with a heavy heart for not what I have been feeling at the present time, but from somethings that I have been carrying with me most of my life.  All I could think about was that people(myself included) will walk away from situations, bury them, attempt or actually forget about things or people, claim that we forgive people, only to never truly forget and carry around all these unnecessary burdens.  As the Pastor started breaking down the message, I became overwhelmed with tears.  I knew for a fact that there were a few people in my life that I had not fully forgiven.  All of what he was saying was as if a light bulb went off.  I literally felt like I was in the spot light and that there was no one else surrounding me and that it was just me and God having a conversation.  The Pastor said or as if God said, “When you don’t forgive and say no one can get in anymore to hurt me, the problem is that you are locked behind that door, too!”  The Pastor actually had us to come to the altar and start naming people that we wanted to forgive.  I truly felt the closure that I needed and it surely felt good!  No matter what has been done to you or what you have been through, you must forgive.  Forgiveness is truly not an option…….


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