Don’t Forget to Love Our Daughters

“Don’t forget to Love Our Daughters” is a piece that I have been working on for sometime. It is the basis to a book I am working on entitled the same that will include other short stories and poems centered around this topic.  It will be a journal/motivational book for young girls and young women to help in the development of more positivity circled around our young girls and young women.  Along with the poems and short stories it will include pages for them to write journal entries about their thoughts and feelings as well.

The poem itself was sparked from a conversation that I was having with my Husband one day. I was explaining to him that while I was growing up, a lot of things were not the norm. One thing in particular was being dark-skinned. I explained to him that if it was not for the foundation that my late Grandfather set with telling me how beautiful I was and that black was beautiful, then I could have been a statistic of low self-esteem. My grandfather showed me at an early age to love myself and  my color, so when I would get picked on because of my color, it didn’t bother me because I would repeat the very words he instilled in me….”Black is Beautiful!”

So, from that very story….”Don’t Forget to Love Our Daughters” was created. Enjoy!


Don’t Forget to Love Our Daughters

Be the first man who captures her heart

Tell her she is beautiful both inside and out

Hugs and Kisses are sure to make her feel loved

Expectations like these she will grow to cherish and adore

Holding her doors and pulling her chairs out begins with you

Set the tone from the start so these things won’t be anything new

Showing her how she should be treated early is only the beginning

Creating a confident girl will turn her into a confident woman

Let her know that loving herself first is the greatest foundation

So that she won’t need to seek it from others as some form of validation

Teach her that she deserves to be treated with the utmost respect

And if she encounters someone who doesn’t, she’ll walk away without regret

She won’t feel the need to stay in something where she is not truly loved

Because she’ll remember all that was instilled in her and her choices in life won’t seem so tough

So don’t forget to love our Daughters and plant the seed of love

Because her first idea of Love was created by you and sets the bar highly above

Why wait....tell me your thoughts!!

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